Green Motion Technology

The first and only class A energy consumer elevator system with license from
LIFTINSTITUUT certification organization in netherlands.
By considering the increase of energy expenses worldwide the reduction of
consumption and increase in efficiency in household is much more important
today and so as the elevator.
Up until now the technologies exploited in recycling and preventing the loss of
energy in elevators has been considered expensive and impractical and by regard
to the large number of elevators that are in use today in all around the world
there is a steep potential of saving energy and the solution lies in proper methods
and engineering which can actually create an affordable technology for global
The Green motion technology has been invented and developed by Paar Lift
Group and it can succesfully store and use the energy that is generated by
elevator motors generator properties, which before it used to turn into heat via
special resistors in a unilatiral process.

The benefits of this technology includes:
1- Reduction in energy consumption from the city's electricity grid.
2- The possibility of not using the city's electricity grid during the peak consumption
3- Continuation of the elevator's operation without any interruption in an event of a
power outage.
4- Operating consecutively for more than 230 times during a power outage.
5- Setting and operating the elevator with 220V.
6- Applicable to elevators with capacity up to 1000 KG and speed of 2.5m/s.


Tron elevator control panel abilities

  • Running on single phase 220V alternating current.
  • Connecting to speed controllers like CANbus and MODbus
  • Reaching speed up to 4 m/s with smart calculation of different movement distance and speed.
  • Reaching the highest speed in shortest distances.(fast acceleration)
  • Smart programing of the inverter by controller panel main board without the
  • need of an extra keypad for the inverter.
  • Possiblity of changing the speed of controller's parameters in close loop
  • elevator systems (gearless-gearbox) for easier setting and operating of technicians.
  • Ablitiy to select diffrent curvilinear motion.Fast,Slow,Normal.
  • Automatic motor tuning.
  • Capable of operating elevator up to 48 floors.
  • Ability of installing up to 3 doors on elevator cabin combined or separately.
  • Programming the activation and deactivation of elevator system daily and weekly.
  • Programmable input and outputs.
  • Leveling the cabin with floor from inside the cabin.LEVEL SET
  • Operating a group up to 8 elevators in Normal mode or with Destination Control.
  • Connecting to EMS
  • Performing dive motion acceleration to decrease arrival time.(Direct Approach)
  • Opening the Elevator door moments before reaching the floor.(Door PreOpening)
  • Erasing the command mistakenly performed by passengers easily by repressing the same button.
  • Elevator test program for running fault diagnostics.